Accepting the Loving Benevolence of the Universe

A Course of Love in day 3.59 says, “You cannot accept…..the compassionate and loving benevolence of the Universe, God, and the All of All, and still accept and believe in the reality of lack.” An amazing statement shared by Jesus in the latest update of His words and teachings. ‘A Couse of Love’ is a teaching from Jesus that is a continuation of the work created in ‘A Course in Miracles’ and is the subject of our Wednesday study class.
The same idea shows up in the teachings of Jesus in Luke 12:32 when he says, “Do not be afraid, O little flock; for your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom.” This reference tells us that the Father, the Universal divine nature, is benevolent and loving and our acceptance and trust in that energy opens us to an experience of love, abundance and harmony.
What’s interesting is that these two statements, that are at least 2,000 years apart, from Jesus, our master teacher, tell us to accept the safety and nurturing of the divine and be willing to put feelings of fear, lack and harm behind us.
We have been through a year of turmoil, fear and lack for many folks. The reality is that we have been bombarded with fear messages, lack messages, and general messages of survival. We have been surrounded with messages that encourage us “to be safe” and protect ourselves and families. Now that we are coming out of these times, it will be important to realize that other people might have different experiences and different memories than we do. Some folks are still in a protective mode and will need some healing time to integrate back into a normal lifestyle. (whatever that is)
It is important for us to honor the loving and benevolent nature of the Universe and see only the Christ in each other. Each of us is coming out of our time of sequester with different lessons and our return needs to be honored and respected knowing that God is good, and all is well.
It is also important for us to realize the benevolent nature of the Universe and reverse lack in our lives by renewing the giving side of the spiritual life. It is time to wake up from the fear of lack and renew the flow of abundance in our lives and community.
We are entering a new time of being. We are safe, we are blessed, we are in community, we are loved and appreciated, we are together, we are growing. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. All of it in an unlimited amount.
I believe it is now up to us, individually and as a community to grease the gears of progress, put the fears of lack and harm behind us and begin the flow of good in our lives. A time to reach out in love, benevolence, harmony and peace.
We are still waiting for the go ahead on returning to the clubhouse. We are looking toward sometime in June. In the meantime, help us by opening up your support and love for our spiritual community that we call Unity Spiritual Center Pflugerville. Help us get ready for the new community, building and people that are showing up for our new world.
We love you and honor your life and presence. We are each here to make a difference in the world just by being here. You are valuable and loved.
Love, Rev. Robert