Are We the Lost Children?

This week I have had the opportunity to see the movie “Hook” for the third or fourth time through the years. Every time I see it, I am amazed at the metaphor it presents for our spiritual journey. If you haven’t seen it, it is about a man called Peter Pan, who has grown up, with a family of his own and returns to a mystical land called Never-Never land. He grew up there and learned to fly and perform other mystical feats as he successfully led a group of young boys in overcoming the evil ways of a pirate called Captain Hook.
As required in a fiction story like this, Peter Pan is forced to once again overcome the evil plans of Captain Hook and save the boys of Never-Never land. The problem is, he has forgotten who he is and forgotten how to fly and perform other wonderful feats by thinking “Happy Thoughts.”
As the story unfolds, Peter slowly remembers who he is, learns to think “Happy Thoughts” and saves the boys of Never-Never land through his restored powers after the inevitable struggles with the evil, Captain Hook.
To me, this is a perfect metaphor for our spiritual journey through the never-never land of material existence. We are born into our existence here with the memories of where we have been and where we are coming from completely wiped out. We are required to figure out how to connect to our source and live a successful life without a playbook on how to do that.
Along comes a guide who seems to have a memory of how things work on the other side. The guides name was Jesus. He told us that the Kingdom and playbook was within, that the divine energy, all around us  was good and only good, that it was this divine energy’s wish that we may prosper and be in good health and that we could access all of this good by thinking “Happy Thoughts.” He also warned us that there would be evil forces that would try to take away our “Happy Thoughts” that are creating our heaven on earth. These evil forces mean well and are just trying to be “realistic.”
So maybe we do have the innate powers to fly, levitate, heal, create wealth, lead happy lives and enjoy the life we have been born into. Maybe we just have to wake up and start thinking “Happy Thoughts”. Who knows who we truly are and what our capabilities are? Maybe it really is time for us to pursue a spiritual life and wake up to our True Self.
Join with us as we find our True Self and awaken to the wonderful world of love, peace, abundance, and joy that we have forgotten how to access.