Are You a SNIOP or a SPIOS?

This question is at the root of living a spiritual life of peace and happiness or a life of struggle and unhappiness. Ready for the question? “Are you susceptible to the negative influences of other people or are you susceptible to the positive influences of Spirit?” The answer to this question can give you an idea of the consciousness that you have created in your life and a direct answer to why your life is unfolding the way it is.
Jesus, our master teacher told His disciples in Matthew 16:17 that they should beware of the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees and then referred to those teachings like leaven in bread.  A metaphor that signifies that the negative teachings of the religious and educated experts can slowly change your whole consciousness to a different, non-productive state of being without your conscious awareness of the changes. This is the “suggestible to the influences of negative people” state of being that we are currently learning to break out of.
Jesus, at another time in Matthew 23:37-39, says, when asked what the greatest commandment for life is, told His disciples to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, might and mind. He then went on to say that a second is to love your neighbor as yourself and this requires a life lived out of spiritual principles and practices that leads to our inner ability to hear and respond to the still small voice of Spirit guiding our life and affairs in positive, productive ways. A life that is “susceptible to the positive influences of Spirit.” This is a new state of being that requires leaving the old states we learned behind and creating a new state of being that follows the teachings of Jesus, and we then slowly begin to hear that still small voice of love, joy and harmony directing our lives.
For most of us, this takes time, patience and the commitment to a spiritual path. If you’re like me, we occasionally find ourselves wandering off the path. We get lost in the enticing rhetoric of the Pharisee experts and have to commit ourselves again to the spiritual path and start again (and sometimes again and again).
Life’s a journey that unfolds from our consciousness. The question is, are we creating a lifestyle “susceptible to the positive influences of Spirit?” If we are, we can then expect to lead a life of joy and happiness.
Our life, that is unfolding around us, tells us the state of our consciousness. Good creates good is our simple law of action. We see the good, we hear the good and we speak the good. We are the ambassadors of good and only good and our life reflects that goodness in our lives. We love and are loved.
Love, Rev. Robert