Bible stories bring change

It is time to dig into the rich heritage we have as Unity students and understand the hidden meanings and purposes that take place as we read the stories that are given us in our Bible. Some people look at them as nice stories that mark a historical event. Maybe a story that emphasizes a positive character trait for us to emulate. Maybe just a story that was made up to glorify the historical characters.
They are actually stories that convey a meaning, a solution to the events, challenges, and foibles that we experience as we follow a spiritual path. There is a deep metaphysical interpretation to the stories that are masterfully formed as metaphors that are created to bypass the automatic resistance that is inherent in our subconscious minds. (Wow, that is a mouthful of words.) That means that as we read the stories, our subconscious minds take in the stories intent and automatically make the adjustments in our stored beliefs to affect positive change.
The story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel:17 is an example that might be appropriate today. The armies of the Israelites and the Philistines are camped on opposites mountains with a broad valley between them. The Philistines have a giant warrior by the name of Goliath who stands over nine feet tall who has challenged the Israelites to send a warrior to fight him and the winner of the fight will determine who wins the war.
After some forty days of back and forth challenges, David, who is a teenage youth, is delivering lunches to his brothers in the Israelite army and hears of the giants challenge and tells the King Saul that he will fight and vanquish Goliath because the Lord is with him. After lots of anguish, Saul agrees to David’s plan.
Goliath shows up for battle in full armor, helmet, and sword with a bearer holding a large shield. One historian has calculated that all of this battle gear weighed at least 125 pounds. King Saul tried to get David to also armor up and David declined, taking only a staff, a sling and five smooth stones that he found in a stream into battle. David said that the Lord will guide me and protect me and give me victory over the giant. It is recorded that David ran toward the Philistine army and Goliath and as he ran, he put a stone into his sling and with great accuracy, propelled the stone into the forehead of Goliath killing him on contact. Wonderful story. So, what does it tell us?
Metaphysically, Goliath is the giant problem and challenge that we build up in our minds. The armor the giant is wearing is all of the protective stories that we make up to keep the problems in place. All of the excuses we use to not act, trust, or have faith in our inner Christ Self. This is a huge problem that is full of muscle, armor, and skill and we are weak, unskilled, teenagers thinking that there is no way to overcome this giant.
Metaphysically, David is a new spirit that has learned to trust in his inner guidance and knows that “God in me can do anything.” He doesn’t need the armor of fear and doubt and doesn’t need a sword of righteous behavior. He uses a smooth stone or positive thought and affirmation and hits the big problem in the forehead or thought center that symbolically gives the big problem back to Spirit and kills the whole issue once and for all.
Each story that we find in the bible has a similar hidden meaning. A metaphor that helps us deal with problems we encounter along our spiritual path to awareness of who we really are. I encourage you to take out your Bible (you can dust it off) and read the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 and maybe put yourself in the role of David and put covid, politics, money, disease, etc. in the role of Goliath. See what changes occur. God is good and only good. All else is an illusion (a big giant).
Be with us on Zoom this Sunday as we explore more of these metaphors that affect positive change.
Love, Rev. Robert Test.