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You Reap What You Sow

We look forward to our ministerial candidate, Velma Spence, as our guest speaker this Sunday. This is Velma’s title for her message. “You Reap What You Sow.” What a wonderful idea to investigate during this week of Thanksgiving celebration:  
As we give thanks for the wonderful things that we appreciate, we actually attract more events and people into our world to be thankful for.
We know Velma will be sharing these ideas with us from her rich and varied consciousness.

Love is the Only Answer

In today’s world so many people have so many ideas on how things should be done. Everyone has an opinion on what they believe will solve the problems of our current situation. We gather up those who think the same way (agree with us) and then begin a crusade to impose our way of thinking on others.

What Is Unity? New Beginnings

We are part of a wonderful spiritual movement called Unity, Founded by Charles, and Myrtle Fillmore more than 100 years ago in Kansas City, MO. Our Unity organization has grown into an international community of spiritual seekers with hundreds of churches and study groups throughout the USA and around the world with a headquarters on a 1300-acre campus located in Unity Village, MO just on the southeast side of Kansas City.
Our part of this large gathering of Unity Communities was incorporated in 1975 by Rev.

Celebration of Celebrations: We are One!

Ok, I admit it is a little bit of hyperbole, but it is nice to anticipate our gathering together once again in person and being able to appreciate the presence of others in the reality of their physical form. Our Sunday Church Service returns to the Heatherwilde Estates Clubhouse this Sunday, October 31 and I look forward to seeing you knowing the Christ Mind is who you are, and we are all One in the energy of the Christ Presence.
This Sunday’s service will be a celebration. We want to celebrate and honor our wonderful prayer chaplains.

You are perfect and whole

“I am perfect and whole just as I am, right now today” is one of the first affirmations shared with me by a wonderful soul many years ago that I have, unfortunately, lost contact with. His name was John Paul and I wish I could tell him the impact that idea has had for me through the years. I cannot tell you that I accepted that idea and lived from it at the time. The only thing I can share with you is that idea about who I am is slowly dawning in my consciousness.

Are You Angry That Life Hasn’t Been Fair and Nurturing?

There is a lot to be angry about in our present experience of life. Where is the comfort and harmony that I was promised in the Sunday School lessons of my childhood and the teachings of my religious training as I matured and began to live the way I was told to live? I am a good person, I live a good life, I am fair, friendly and generous in my dealings. How come I need to deal with struggle, conflict, sickness, and the other problems of everyday life. Why do I have to deal with the vicissitudes of life?


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