Book Highlights for the Month

Our Featured Book for this month is "Dream Mail: Secret Letters for Your Soul" written by author Katya Walter, Ph.D. Katya brings new insight and clarity to a subject as old as time.She offers a fresh perspective from her own dream experiences and explores in-depth the possibilities that arise from these dreams. The book is very easy to read and understand - Katya brings light to dreams in new and exciting ways. Our bookstore is pleased to have copies on hand at a special price of $15.00.

Katya is a valued member of our community. She would be happy to personally meet with you during your reading of her book and would be glad to sign your copy if you wish.

You can pick up a copy of this most interesting and enlightening book at our bookstore on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am-2pm and on Sundays before or after our 10:30-11:30am service.