Celebration of Celebrations: We are One!

Ok, I admit it is a little bit of hyperbole, but it is nice to anticipate our gathering together once again in person and being able to appreciate the presence of others in the reality of their physical form. Our Sunday Church Service returns to the Heatherwilde Estates Clubhouse this Sunday, October 31 and I look forward to seeing you knowing the Christ Mind is who you are, and we are all One in the energy of the Christ Presence.
This Sunday’s service will be a celebration. We want to celebrate and honor our wonderful prayer chaplains. They have completed their educational requirements for this year, and we look forward to the sacred service they provide our spiritual community for another year. We will also celebrate a new member of our church and welcome him into fellowship.
Most of all, we want to celebrate the magnificence of you and the radiant spiritual being that you are. We have been through an amazing year of ups and downs, ins and outs, learning new ways of doing things from shopping for groceries, getting haircuts, and masking up to being locked down and restricted…. And here you are, complete and whole and wiser because of your experience. You are a survivor, and you have a story to tell, and we want to hear about your victories and triumphs.
We are One, your triumphs are our triumphs, your successes are our successes, and we want to celebrate them together. We have been through an amazing year and you as a spiritual community have been steadfast and true. We are still here and ready to grow. We have an amazing year before us. Come celebrate our resurrection from the lockdown and know that the Christ Light is guiding us to new growth and understanding of our spiritual path.
I Love You,
Rev. Robert Test