In Daily Meditation Lies the Secret of Power

The above title is from page 11, paragraph 23 of “Lessons in truth” by Dr. Emilie Cady. These words were originally written and published by Unity magazine in the 1890’s and then subsequently published as a book that has become a basic textbook for those of us on a spiritual path in life.


Interestingly, this quote comes from the first lesson in the book that is titled, Bondage or Liberty, Which? The same question we might be asking today. Are we in bondage to fear, virus, lack, unrest and violence, political turmoil, injustice, or are we grounded in the liberty of the Christ Self?


This grounding in the Christ Self takes a daily practice of “going apart and resting for a while” as Jesus shared in Mark 6:31. This practice of going apart for a while has come down to us as meditation, centering prayer or mindfulness awareness. A specific time of learning to still the monkey mind that keeps us busy, worried, and fearful with the problems of the day and allowing the Kingdom of Heaven to manifest in our lives.


This transcendence into the presence and understanding of divinity takes time and practice. A musician would not expect to be proficient without understanding the basics of music and lots of practice. An artist takes years to perfect their skills. A doctor, lawyer, accountant, or any professional knows that it takes years of study and practice to learn the skills of their profession before entering their trade.


Dr. Cady tells us in this basic book, which we go back to for renewed support, that “Daily meditation alone with God, focuses the divine presence within us and brings it into our consciousness.” This is a reminder that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. The solutions to any problems we are experiencing are already present within us. It is our job to know and claim that “I and the Father are one” and go within knowing that all is well.


This is easy to say and sometimes difficult to practice in daily life. This is why it is important to begin an effective Centering Prayer/Meditation program in our lives and keep practicing it daily. It takes time for the moment of awareness to occur.


God loves you. God is you. God wants you to know Him/Her. It is our choice to seek the Father/Mother within. We support you in knowing that the Kingdom of God is within and we are on the path of return to the Garden of Eden in consciousness.


Love, Rev. Robert Test.