"The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity"

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Rev. Robert and Kat Walters host a study of "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm at the home office, 2880 Donnell Dr. #1103, Round Rock, TX.  The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity was Ponder's first book and can be considered her classic work, a carefully and compassionately written compendium of the secrets and techniques of prosperity:
  • The power of visualization on a daily basis when seeking the achievement of goals
  • The false belief that poverty is spiritual or divine
  • Many of the backward societal norms about money that keep most people broke and unhappy
  • How success and achievement start in the mind long before they physically appear
  • Why discipline and concentration are important on the path to wealth
  • Several ancient wealth traditions that are still relevant today
  • Why you must guard your mind, associations and ideas from negative thoughts and people