God has your back

In a recent conversation, I overheard one person tell another “it’s OK, I have your back.” This phrase stuck out for me and has been resonating in my thoughts. If you look it up in a common idiom reference book it is slang for you will support someone especially, in a difficult or hazardous situation.


This is exactly what God is telling us in the words of the New and Old Testaments and in even scriptures from other religions. There is a power for good in the universe that loves us and wants to support us. When we do learn to interact with It, we change our world into a happier, more harmonious path in life. That power in the universe we call God, and this is the power that has told us in scriptural writing for years, “It’s OK, I have your back.”


Jesus tells us in Matthew 6, “Do not worry, …The Father knows all these things are necessary for you. Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything will be added unto you.” Jesus even says earlier in Matthew 6, “Your Father knows what you need even before you ask.”


This promise is sometimes hard to believe when in the middle of a crisis. It is this belief in good that carries us through a challenging event, knowing that we will survive and thrive. So many times, we can look back after the fact and see the promise kept that “God has our back.”

God is that power for good in the Universe that has told us in countless ways not to worry. Our part of the communication is to believe the promise and live in faith that we really are children of that power for good. We are powerful beyond our beliefs and fully confident in our heritage of divinity that we can say, God has my back.” And so it is. It is as simple as that.



Love, Rev. Robert Test.