God is Within You, as You. Anything less is Blasphemy.

God is a Universal energy that is everywhere present within everyone and everything. God is not just present within the trees and the stars and the gentle breeze on a summer day, God is the trees and the stars and that gentle breeze. There is no place where the presence of God breaks off and then begins in another form. God is the essence of everything and everyone we see. We are one in mind, spirit, and love.

When we look out from our narrow human consciousness and see other forms, we are possibly seeing a separation that does not exist at the higher levels of understanding. This is the true spiritual understanding level that Jesus was sharing in Matt. 7:6 when he said, “Do not give holy things to the dogs: and do not throw your pearls before swine, for they might tread them with their feet, and turn and rend you.”

This phrase was an idiom in the Aramaic language, spoken at that time, that meant that the average person might not be ready to hear and understand these spiritual ideas and might even get angry when hearing them, so just be quiet and stay in your own heart and understanding. These are the ideas that He encouraged us to nurture and let grow in our inner beings. It is not our job to change others. It is our job to grow and thrive ourselves. We can share the ideas only when others are ready to hear them.

The truth in this idea is that God is everywhere present. God is within every person we know, experience and interact with. God surrounds us, interpenetrates us and is us. God is also them, acting as them. Our job is to hold that vision as perfect and not enter into criticism, condemnation, or complaint with our vision of God. If you stop and think about this you might realize that any condemning, criticizing, or complaining about anyone or anything is a from of blasphemy since everything I see, and experience is of God.

God is Good and only Good. As I let go and let God, I can give up trying to control and run my life and affairs and experience a true sense of freedom as I let the Master of the Universe take over and learn to trust that the outcomes in my life are always the highest and best. This is a major step we are learning as we follow the spiritual path back to the Garden of Eden. This is our Day of Independence.  Happy 4th of July!