The Immutable Principle of Power

The first Unity Principle is: There is only one Presence and one Power as the Universe and my life, God the Good. Ellen Debenport in her book, The Five Principles, makes it even simpler. Her version is: “God is absolute Good, everywhere present.”


When I go back to review the beginning ideas that I first learned in my journey into the metaphysical and spiritual path of life, I am reminded of three basic beginning beliefs: God is omniscience, God is omnipotence, and God is omnipresence. In simple language this means that God is all knowledge, all power and everywhere present. So, this means that only the loving creative energy of the universe is present in our world.


These ideas are basic principles that do not change or become altered by time, conditions, life events or situations. They would be referred to as immutable, consistent, or eternal truths.


When we look into the world we are experiencing, the question becomes, what are we expecting to see? Are we expecting to see the world of the ego that has been created by our false self or have we learned to transcend this world and see the Garden of Eden world that has been created by the Ultimate Reality we call God?


This is what Jesus was referring to in Matthew 6:20 when he said, “lay up treasures for yourself in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt.” He also told us, at another time, that he was in the world but not of the world which I believe was another reference to learning to transcend the trance created by the ego world and become able to dwell in the “Secret Place of the most high.”


It might be interesting one day to wake up and realize there is no enemy to fight, there are no challenges to overcome, and no battles to get ready for. All that is necessary is an understanding that God is everywhere present to take care of all situations in perfect ways. The challenges and enemies had been of my own making and once I really understood that God is the immutable power of the universe that lives within me, life begins anew.


Love, Rev. Robert Test.