The Marriage Feast Miracle

The marriage feast miracle in Canaan was the first recorded miracle of Jesus. Scripture in John 2 tells us the story. Mary, mother of Jesus was invited to the wedding and Jesus and His disciples were also invited. At some point during the feast, they were running out of wine and Mary brought that to the attention of Jesus. Jesus responded, saying, “what is that to me? My turn has not yet come.” Mary ignored that comment and had the servants bring six large jars. Jesus had them filled with water and then told the servants to take the jars to the wedding host who dispensed what had become wine, saying it was of the best quality he had experienced that evening.
This seems to be a trivial event given the ministry that was just beginning for Jesus. However, when looking at it from a metaphysical viewpoint we see a different interpretation. Jesus was telling us that by overcoming our dual nature and finding the spiritual kingdom within, we could experience a quality of life from the Garden of Eden that our first ancestors had been expelled from.
First of all, a wedding in that time, was a union of the female and male aspects of life. A metaphysical understanding of this would be a union of the feeling, caring, nurturing, aspects of life and the thinking, analyzing, figuring it out aspects. Male and Female energies, or a union of the heart and mind which is the message in the Course of Love, Centering Prayer, and the other contemplative systems prevalent in todays world. This is a pathway to divine awakening.
There is also another interesting bit of information here (I believe) in the fact that Jesus tells Mary that He is not ready, and she ignores him and sets up the necessary items to support the miracle. She is telling Him only in the way a mother can, to buck up boy and step into your role as divinity.
He then has the six jars filled with water that signifies the common, tasteless, normal, life that we lead and through the combining of the feeling and thinking natures of humanity, we can change that to the nourishing, vibrant, and yes even intoxicating life experience that we are seeking.
We must also remember the care, learning, courage, and persistence that is needed in a marriage to maintain it and sustain it. It takes hours of conversation (mostly listening) and lots of forgiveness, appreciation and love. It takes a willingness to understand the language of feeling and the language thinking. It also takes a brave heart to combine those two states of being into a language of love and commitment.
This is the journey that we are undertaking when we say that we are going to follow a spiritual path. Like a marriage, it requires lots of conversations (mostly listening). It requires us to integrate our thinking and feeling natures into an understanding that we are part of All That Is. It requires us to understand and embrace the language of divinity which is silence and release of our control.
Then, as the Union matures, the gifts of the Spirit start manifesting as the good wine that we have been seeking. We can then say, as Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.”
Join with us as we continue on that path back to the Father. You are blessed and loved just as you are, right now today!
Love, Rev. Robert Test.