Randall's Good Neighbor Program

How does the Randall’s Good Neighbor Program work?

The majority of Randall’s customers use a Remarkable card each time they shop because of the many benefits the card offers. With a free Randall’s Remarkable card, customers can save money, and enter contests while supporting their favorite organizations.

Supporters of Unity Center Austin fill out an application, found in the Good Neighbor Program brochure available at any Randall’s customer service counter.

Once your application has been returned to the customer service counter, it will be linked to Unity Center Austin's exclusive account number. (Account #10428)

That’s it! Your Randall’s Remarkable Card is now linked to our exclusive account code! From that point on, every time you use your Randall’s Remarkable card, your purchase price of groceries will automatically be recorded to our Good Neighbor account. Randall’s will keep a running total of your purchases, and a check for 1% of the total purchases will be sent directly to Unity Center Austin once a year.

The next time you’re at Randall’s, pick up a Remarkable Card application at the customer service counter to fill out and link your card to our account. Randall’s will pay us a percentage of your account total, so be sure to use your card every time you shop.

Don’t forget to tell your friends that they too can help raise funds for Unity Center Austin by linking their Randall’s Remarkable card to account #10428.