Stop looking for answers. You are already there.

It is time to act. Time to begin the spiritual principles you were going to apply someday. It is time to stop looking for answers and gaining more knowledge. It is time to act on the knowledge that is already within you. Time to trust, time to have faith in the principles, time to do the things you should be doing as a spiritual warrior.
A Course of Love on page 421 says “While you think of yourself as a learning being you will still be looking to something or someone outside of you rather than seeking the awareness of the (higher) Self that exists within you.” You already know what to do. You know intellectually everything that you need to know to be an effective spiritual warrior in our changing world. You/we just need to launch a new program and commit to the world of spiritual awareness that is present around us.
Time to walk the talk and really become the person of integrity, love, discipleship, and positive demeanor in life that we know will produce the lifestyle we are looking for. That commitment is scary, and it is a commitment based on trust and faith in the spiritual principles that we all know by memory. Time to block out the seditious allure of the world that pumps out fear, disease, lack, limitation, failure, and see only the Christ Self in and through everything and everyone.
Paul says in Colossians 2:8, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men….and not after the Christ". It is easy to become distracted by the ego’s world. We are strong in the Lord (law) and in his might.
We are told that you are the Light of the world, you are the Christ, you are the over-comer, the Kingdom is within you. These are wonderful promises and prophesies. However, you/we must step into those roles and claim them as our own. Then they become true through the subtle energies for good throughout the Universe. It is time to make that choice and live as a child of God. Time to stop the wait and see game. The not sure I know enough game. The fear of failure game. It is time to step forward into our Christ Presence and experience the Garden Of Eden consciousness that awaits us.
We love you as brothers and sisters in the Christ. Join with us as we continue our meditation and prayer practices, our reading of spiritual materials, fellowship with like minded individuals and our relinquishment of negative words and actions.
Love, Rev. Robert Test.