Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

After a “lively discussion” at the Board meeting last night, your Board and Minister have agreed to return to a virtual Sunday service for a month starting this Sunday, August 22, when we will assess if we should continue or go back into the clubhouse.
We know that many of us are reluctant to go back into a lockdown environment. We have taken steps to protect ourselves and feel confident that we are safe. However, we are a spiritual community and because of that we must take the community into our thinking when making decisions that affect the whole community. Our message is one of love and compassion. We teach forgiveness and appreciation of our differences. We also affirm that we are One in Christ consciousness.
Our choice in life is to live in love or fear. Choosing the Christ path of love requires us to speak only love, act only love, think only love and reach out only in love, no matter what the world presents to us. Unfortunately, the world is projecting fear on many levels which might cause us to fight back and become upset because we just need to stand up and deny the negative thoughts of others. Guess what, we just amplify the energies of fear and make the targets of our concerns an enemy. (Subconsciously) That which we resist, persists.
Now is the time to project love, harmony, peace, safety, community, and togetherness. We want everyone in our community to feel honored, included, affirmed and loved no matter who or what or where they are. This is a true definition of spiritual community.
The current events such as stage 5 covid alert, the crazy political situations and the foreign war issues are unnerving events that can actually draw our community together when we project love, appreciation, and forgiveness to the world. Anything we do to elicit fear in any form will counteract this cloud of love that we are building.
Folks staying home for now and attending Sunday service online seems to be the safest strategy to follow for the next few weeks. It will relieve any unspoken fears by anyone attending the in-person church services, wondering if they are taking a risk by being there. It will also provide a uniform experience for everyone until we can meet again in confidence for everyone.
I honor you as the Christ Presence in the world. Your love, appreciation, peace and understanding are acting in harmony to create a New World where we have learned how to live in the World with joy, peace and love. Our current actions together are planting the seeds for that new creation of this New World.
Love, Rev. Robert