Unhooking Beliefs

In our “Course of Love” class this week we read on page 157 that the purging of old beliefs frees space for the new beliefs in your mind. It allows you to reflect on what and who you are in terms that coincide with the “spiritual you” whom you have always been. It goes on to say in another paragraph that the only way to get rid of a belief is to learn that it is no longer valid.

The first of our Unity Principles tells us that “There is only One Power and one Presence active as the Universe and as my life, God the Good”. So, we are being told that we are perfect expressions of Divinity and stored deep within us are the spiritual beliefs that can create joy, abundance, health, love and all the things we are searching for. We have accumulated a series of contra-beliefs (or false beliefs) that have been stored in our subconscious minds that are overriding the basic beliefs of the Spirit that are inherent within us.

Jesus tells us in Matt. 5:14 “You are the Light of the world”. That light is pure, whole, and of Spirit. Our job is to unhook, any belief other than a belief in our Christhood as that shining light: any belief or script that tells us we are sinners and not good enough, any belief that we are victims, any belief that we must struggle to get along in life. We already have an internal life script that takes us toward love, joy, peace, health and abundance. That script is already there. Let us know that this is true and unhook any belief that counters this Kingdom of Heaven within and open the space for the new beliefs that are already there to come out.

I Love you...