Waiting for Things to Unfold

The epitome of trust and faith is knowing that things are going to work out in the highest and best form for us no matter what it ultimately looks like. This is knowing in advance that God is good, and all is well. Sounds easy when we speak it until we come face to face with the reality of the material world. Then the fears and doubts creep in and all of the “what if” scenarios of doom and gloom start playing out in the creative imagination of our minds.
We always seem to be waiting for something to happen. The birth of a child and all the anxiety that occurs before the birth and then the joy that comes out of the birth event. Planning and waiting for a perfect vacation and the concerns that show up until we reach our destination and finally relax. The work and effort we put into creating a garden and then the hope and anticipation we experience as we water and tend to that garden as the first plants begin to sprout.
When we look at it realistically, life is a series of ideas, plans, actions and then waiting for outcomes. It is the waiting for outcomes that creates the anxiety, stress and doubt in our consciousness. That is when we follow our habit of “what if” scenarios that begins to take over our consciousness and produce the fears that we experience.
What if we changed the scenarios to create “what ifs” of trust and faith? If you stop and think about it, the whole chain of events starts with an idea. The next question is: where does an idea come from? Where does the plan come from? Where do the action steps come from? Who or what initiates the whole chain of events that takes us to the point of waiting for the outcome of an event? When we cultivate a habit of trust and faith, we realize that the original idea, the plan, the actions and the outcomes are all sparks of thought that fall into our minds spontaneously from the divinity that we are. These sparks might come from anywhere, the TV, a passing comment by a friend, a sign you see, a book, an event you experience, even a negative problem that occurs that stirs you to create a solution. This is the creation process that we are here to accomplish during our visit in this material world.
Paul reminds us in Romans 8:28 when he shared, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.” (NRSV) We never know what will unfold as we get an idea and then start acting upon it. We cannot know the future. We can only cultivate a consciousness of trust and faith knowing that “all things work together for good.”
I often wonder on how much time, energy, and worry we waste on how things will turn out. Did we make the right decision?  How will it look, and will I fail? These are the “what ifs” of the ego mind that are busy stopping us from the divine creations that we are here to manifest. We are the ones being called that Paul refers to when he says, “those who are called to His purpose.”
We are the called ones. We are called to creation of the New. We are here to make a difference. Not as the world would have it done but only as the Universal Spirit of love would have it done. This occurs as we follow through on our ideas and create a habit of only trust and faith, knowing God is good and all is well.
Love, Rev. Robert