We are beings, not becomings

Many years ago, we had the opportunity to be with a wonderful spiritual teacher by the name of John Paul. John Paul introduced us to many new ideas on our spiritual path and one of those ideas has recently surfaced for me in the form of an affirmation that has stayed in my memory bank. That affirmation is: “I am complete and whole just as I am, right now today.” I must admit that this affirmation has been nice, but only recently has it sunk into my consciousness that this is one of the keys I have been looking for.
We have recently completed “A course of Love” and in the epilogue it says, “You no longer have a universe of projection to maintain but a universe of love to enjoy and create.”  As I pondered that statement, I realized it was saying the same thing that John Paul had shared with me years ago. I am already complete and whole. There is nothing to struggle for, there is nothing to become better at, kinder for, more loving or understanding of.
I am realizing that the whole self-improvement whirlwind that I have been on for years is just a hamster wheel of endless things to do to get better. The endless search for becoming that happy, healthy, well respected human being that society has defined as the model of human maleness. It has always been a search for the next idea, the next hidden secret, the next seminar that will hold the break-through into that perfect life. The only definition that we can put on this type of behavior is living in a state of becoming. A state of projecting into the future what I should be, not loving and embracing who I am in all my glory and accepting the love of the universe around me by just being.
I am/you are/ complete and whole just as we are and once we accept that and embrace that whole idea, we can live in the promises of Jesus in Matt.6:8, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him,” and then in Luke 12:32, “It’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
We can give up the hamster wheel of endless searching and attempting to fulfill the false models of human existence that society has established on what we and others should be doing and what we should not be doing and realize that within each of us is the Garden of Eden consciousness that is our true nature of love and harmony. The wonderful part of this whole search is that it is already there, waiting for us/you/me to embrace it and be it.
What a wonderful loving, creative, and harmonious human being we are. Our spiritual path is not really searching for anything or finding anything. Our spiritual path is just awakening, becoming aware that we are already there. We can affirm that “I and the Father are One.” We are the Secret we have been looking for. “You are the Light of the World.”
Love, Rev. Robert