We Are Entering a New Age

Now that we are celebrating the birth of the Christ over 2000 years ago and also celebrating our own awakening into the Christ Consciousness, it might be wise to look at the teaching of ancient scholars. The Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan, and some of the native American Indian tribes spoke of great periods of time when the earth rotated thru the solar system and then the solar system rotated thru our galaxy and then our galaxy rotated thru the universe.
We don’t want to get too involved in the details (maybe at another time) but an overview is helpful. There are some variations in their stories, however a composite tells us that there are four ages of time as the galaxy circles the universe named: the silver age, the bronze age, the iron age, and the golden age. Each age is approx. 26,000 years long. As the solar system circles the galaxy, there are 12 periods of approx.  2100 years that are named after the astrology signs. And then there are the signs that we hear of each year as the earth rotates around the sun and occur basically each month as the earth is in a different position on its rotational path.
All of this description was necessary (Don’t worry if you didn’t understand it. It is needed for the skeptics.) to tell you that on the winter solstice of 2012, we theoretically entered the golden age in our precession through the galaxy and also finally entered the beginning of the age of Aquarius. This transition point had been coming for awhile and is still transitioning from leaving the iron age into the Aquarian, golden age. This change is marked by the release of the old and a renewing of the spiritual self that has been dormant within mankind. This is the example of a time that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13:15 when he said that people ‘s hearts are dull and their ears are hard of hearing and their eyes are shut and when they turn, I would heal them.
As we enter this new age, we need to leave the past in the past. If you really look at it, we are faced with many of the things that need to be healed and left behind in our lives. We are going through a purge of fear, anxiety and negativity. We are experiencing mass challenges and trauma that can lead to mass awakenings. We are getting rid of the old, buried beliefs and birthing and awakening to a new spiritual reality. We are learning to give up the dependencies on the material world and create a new dependency upon the spiritual world within. (The Garden of Eden) We are being led by the Christ Spirit within kicking and screaming into the new world of peace, harmony, and Divine Order.
There is a lot to ponder in this conversation. I am aware it is not for everyone. I have to believe that you can sort out the part that is talking to you. We are a spiritual community holding the high watch for Spirit and supporting the Christ Presence for all. We are blessed to be alive in physical bodies and able to support the coming of that Christ Consciousness as we enter this golden age that is here to support our awakening.
We love you and look forward to a wonderful new year full of love, joy, harmony, health, abundance and joy for everyone.
Love, Rev. Robert