We are in a Jail of Our Own Making

Earlier in a previous occupation, I had the opportunity to work with a video course created by Lou Tice and his organization. In one of the videos, Lou used a metaphor that has stuck with me for years. He said that we live in a prison of our own beliefs and want to blame everyone else for our problems. When we realize that we are creators of our own world through our thoughts, actions, and words, we can then set about creating the new world of our inner Christ Self. It is like we have been in a jail cell and after 30 years or so, we find the key in our pocket that was there all along that allows us to escape from the prison and live the life that we have dreamed of. The possibility was there all the time. We just did not know it was there.
Another teacher that I met along the way used to say to people, “I have to compete with your neighbors, family and friends who control your mind.” He would say that when he had people tell him that they couldn’t do something or were afraid to do something, or were too old, too young, or not smart enough or any of the many excuses we use when we don’t understand who we really are.
Even the apostle Paul tells us in Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and are short of the glory of God.” The Revealing Word dictionary explains that the word sin means, missing the mark (as in archery) and man’s error and failure to express the attributes of the God qualities of life, love, intelligence, and wisdom. In other words we are really an expression of divinity and we have forgotten that.
Paul’s words also tell us that this state of Oneness that we have forgotten is “the glory of God”. This is another reference to the Garden of Eden, the secret place of the most high, the closet we are to enter and close the door, and the Kingdom of Heaven within.
Going back to the jail metaphor, some have been told by friends, neighbors, churches and family that they are hopeless sinners, will never amount to anything, must do penance for their evil ways, life is a struggle, beware of lack, disease, and the other evils of the flesh. We are stuck with this cacophony of the world’s beliefs that drowns out the sweet messages of Spirit telling us that we are a child of God, it is the Father’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom, and we are loved and protected. Waking up to the awareness of our spiritual self is the moment that we are given the key to our higher self. The understanding that I have been living in a self-imposed prison of my own error thinking and beliefs. I am now free and unlimited. I am out of jail.
The Revealing Word Dictionary goes on to give us the directions out of prison, it tells us “Through the Christ Mind, our error thoughts are forgiven (erased from consciousness). Error is redeemed by going into the silence and bringing it into the Presence of Spirit.” As we dwell in the Light of Spirit we are slowly regenerated into and aware of the Garden of Eden consciousness.
These simple truths are not something to figure out, or understand, or prove scientifically. These are truths to be acted upon and incorporated into our daily lives. This message of hope is only for those that are ready to open up to their spiritual self and begin the journey.
This is not a struggle of good and evil, a time of reckoning or a come to who you are. This conversation is just a simple decision to return to your divine self.
This is about finding the key to freedom and learning how to give up the struggles for control, power and the other things we are told are important and let go and let God.
This is about returning to the Garden of Eden where all is well, everyone is loved and appreciated, and we all experience Oneness.
Love, Rev. Robert