We Can Only Resolve Conflict with Love

Today’s world is full of opinions, beliefs, and deeply entrenched traditions that we find ourselves unconsciously locked into and willing to defend when challenged by the changing world around us. This is evident as we come out of the pandemic related lockdowns that we have all been through for the last year. We do not even realize the fears and defenses we have picked up during this period of time. Survival has been a main goal and we have been conditioned to rely on our tools of masks, social distancing, isolation and cocooning to survive. Some of us have embraced these tools as things that can keep us safe, and others have reacted to those same tools as manipulation, control and abuse of our rights as human beings.
There are deeply buried, very strong emotions that are present in our culture and even in our spiritual community right now. Unfortunately, our human ego is driven to encourage us to defend these beliefs from any views that do not agree with us. This is creating conflict at a time when we need to come together in a spirit of love and create the new world that awaits us. This is a time of reconciliation, unification, union, forgiveness and togetherness in spiritual harmony. We have a chance to start over and build a community of peace, love, abundance and joy.
Paul says in his second letter to Timothy (written from prison) “I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you…For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and good discipline”.  A wonderful reminder that we are expressing the Christ Self in all our comings and goings and no matter how things look in the material world, God’s perfect pattern is at work in our lives.
We acknowledge that there is only One Power and Presence in the Universe. Each of us is that Divine Presence in it’s Allness expressing Itself into our physical world. We are the carriers of God’s Love, peace, abundance, health, and the other gifts of Spirit into the material experience through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
We are the power to overcome the ravages of fear, uncertainty and doubt for ourselves and those around us as we come out of this time of sequester. It is up to us to “stir up the gift of God which is in you” and bring forth the energies of love and discipline in our daily lives.
We are one with all that is. In that Oneness we are in holy relationship with each other and divinity. There is only the divine relationship that is the truth of our being. We live, thrive, and exist in that energy of love that flows through us and to us. That flow starts with giving, receiving, loving, forgiving and embracing our community as One.
We love you and see only the Christ in you. Blessings and welcome to our new world of forgiveness and redemption.
PS: It looks like we will be back together at the Heatherwilde Estates clubhouse sometime in June. (16816 Cactus Blossom Tr. Pflugerville) We are waiting for the OK from their HOA before we can open. We will send lots of notifications when we get the go-ahead.
Love, Rev. Robert