We Thank You For Your Prayers and Support

We are entering an exciting and fruitful period of time and change. Any time change occurs, we can expect chaos until things settle down into divine harmony and daily routine. So, get ready. We have just found out that the HOA is going to open up the clubhouse, in which we have been holding Sunday services, sometime in June. This requires our board and staff to get ready for that opening (which we will know when later) and set up systems and procedures for our new state of being and worshiping together. We also need to look at our classes and events which are online and decide how we will conduct them in the future. Part of me knows that some events will remain online, some will be in person and some will be a hybrid type of event, both online and in person. Your feedback will help in these decisions.
Also, another change. Randy Koehler, our wonderful board member and construction contractor, presented me with a wonderful new plan this week for our new church building. His plan increases the size of the building, the facilities in the building, seating capacity of the chapel, and provides a larger kitchen and hospitality area. It also moves the building back to the rear property line, presenting a more picturesque presence to the public. The full board has not all seen this plan yet (hope I don’t get in trouble) and will require their discussion and approval before it is complete for review. This is all in the initial stages and will require more input before presenting it. This is a wonderful project that will establish us in the Pflugerville community.
Another conversation that we want to share with you is our community love offering income. Unity Pflugerville has been a wonderfully financially stable church through the blessings of your tithes and offerings. Last year, 2020, We created a financial miracle by experiencing a break-even situation where we covered our expenses for the year. We know that opening up church services and providing the preliminary work for our new building will add to our expenses going forward so we want to let you know that we are facing these additional challenges.
God is good and only good. All is well in His Kingdom within. We thank you for your continued  support, prayers, faith, trust and vision as we enter this wonderful new chapter in our Spiritual Community, we call Unity Spiritual Center Pflugerville. We are, you are, they are the Light Of the World. We are the very Presence of Spirit, manifesting our brave new building and vision in Pflugerville, Texas.
Thank you for your loving support as we move into a dynamic new future. You are blessed and appreciated.
Love, Rev. Robert