What do we really believe?

The Bible is full of quotes that tell us things like, “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:20), we are “Heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus” (Romans 8:17), “You are  gods” (John 10:34), and even Jesus telling us that “we shall do the works which He does” in John 14:12. We could go on and on with similar ideas that support us with the fact that we are each an expression of God, fulfilling our individual role in this material world.


If we really are an expression of God, how come we do not always act out that role and bring love, compassion and harmony into our world that we create? Romans 8:20 gives us an idea when Paul tells us that “man was given freewill in the hope that he would choose rightly.” It appears that we are not choosing rightly in our search for God and all the harmonies that we can bring into our lives.


There is an old Hindu legend that God was discussing with his advisors on where he should put divinity for man. They decided that they would put divinity deep within man because he would never find it there. Man would look everywhere outside of himself until he gave up and decided to seek God within.


This is the wonderful secret that Jesus was sharing with us. We are each the light of the world. We are each an expression of God. God is within us and we are within God. We are each here to find the Kingdom that is within us and bring that love, harmony and abundance into our experience of the material world that we are creating.


We do that through our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Thoughts of love, abundance, health, harmony, and peace bring into form around us those corresponding things. The challenge to this lifestyle is the impinging thoughts of the material ego world that are giving us a different story and trying to take us back into their world. This is what they call the real world.


Let us go back to the original idea that we are an expression of God. God is within us and we are within God. Knowing that we are the expression of God, we can hold fast to the idea that we are the creators of a spiritual world.   We are the divinity that creates the spiritual world we live in.  We make the right choices as we go about the Father’s business. We can express love, joy, peace, faith, harmony, and the other gifts of Spirit as we go about our daily lives. We can learn and we can practice the daily strategies that come from the Kingdom of Heaven within.


Love, Rev. Robert Test