What Do We See in the Mirror?

The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever we think about we create and attract into our lives. Jesus tells us in Matt. 7: 20 “by their fruits you shall know them” when he spoke of the difference between false and true teachers. Pointing out that the events, people, situations, lifestyles and all things that show up in our lives are attracted there by our inner beliefs and thoughts.

I have been reminded in conversations on several different occasions this week, that my external life experiences are a direct mirror of my thinking. I then reviewed a video by Joe Vitale (on Ho’oponopono) who detailed three truths for me to ponder:

  1. Everything is alive with vibration.
  2. Everything I see, feel, hear, touch and experience is a reflection of my inner thoughts (mirror again).
  3. Everything can be changed on the inner level.

By now, I am clear that our message this week is to look at the mirror as a metaphor when I ask myself how come things happen to me? Understanding that everything that happens to me, around me and with me, I have created through my thoughts words and actions. By understanding that I am an expression of the Divine, creating my world by my thoughts words and actions, can free us up to express only love in our pursuit of a spiritual path.

Want to change someone or something? Let’s work on ourselves as we create a new world of love first for ourselves and then others.

See you Sunday!

I Love you...