What Is Unity? New Beginnings

We are part of a wonderful spiritual movement called Unity, Founded by Charles, and Myrtle Fillmore more than 100 years ago in Kansas City, MO. Our Unity organization has grown into an international community of spiritual seekers with hundreds of churches and study groups throughout the USA and around the world with a headquarters on a 1300-acre campus located in Unity Village, MO just on the southeast side of Kansas City.
Our part of this large gathering of Unity Communities was incorporated in 1975 by Rev. Mary Katherine MacDougall, who was inspired to start a study group by Rev. Catherine Ponder. Our church was originally an independent church called A church of Positive Prayer. Shortly, after the founding of the church, it became affiliated with the Unity organization and has gone through several name changes over the years to our current name, Unity Spiritual Center Pflugerville, which is registered as our brand identification with the Unity Worldwide Ministries headquarters in Unity Village, MO.
So, a brief history of how we got here is important to know. We were started as a spiritual path study group by people that were gathering together as One to support each other on a spiritual path to an awakening of ourselves as spiritual beings. The word Unity implies bringing many different parts and ideas together into a cohesive energy that supports the group awakening into their individual and universal divine identity.
And here we are, starting a new era in our church history after 19 months of isolation, still seeking the spiritual path and still knowing that we are One and the Oneness comes from unity which comes from love which is the energy of God. We are blessed and being guided in perfect ways as we follow the paths of love and Unity of purpose that holds us together as One.
We know that: you are loved, you are holy, you are the temple of God, you are the image of God, you are complete, you are valuable. You are light, you matter, you are whole, and you are capable. You are a vibrant, energetic, and brilliant example of possibilities.
This is the spiritual path we are traveling with each other, seeing only the Christ Light in each other and everything around us. Thank you for who you are and who we are together as Unity Spiritual Center Pflugerville.
We are back in the clubhouse for now. We are setting the clocks “Back” this Sunday morning (Central Standard Time) and the starting of a whole new venture together in Unity. Welcome.
I Love You,
Rev. Robert Test