You are the light of the world, like it or not.

In Matthew 5:14 Jesus says, “You are indeed the light of the world; a city that is built upon a mountain cannot be hidden.”  In verse 16 he goes on to say, “Let your light so shine before people that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
In her new book, Divine Audacity, Linda Martella Whitsett, VP of Unity’s Silent Unity, says, “In this radical statement of Jesus, revealing to you and to me that we have the same Christ nature as he, Jesus is astute about the science of light. Light is visually perceived radiant energy. Light makes the invisible visible: the unformed formed: the hidden revealed: the unknown known. Just as Jesus’ life as the Christ, the anointed one, displayed visible evidence of His invisible source, Jesus suggests that you and I, too are anointed.” Our light is from the Source within us.
Light does not imply struggle and effort. It just beams a radiant energy from a source, illuminating the darkness. Light does not make a lot of noise and commotion about itself. Again, it just beams a radiant energy from a source and illuminates the darkness. Light does not require a lot of promotion and advertising to be seen. Again, it just beams a radiant energy from a source and illuminates the darkness. The only thing that the visibility of light requires is to be switched on and all coverings be removed. This free flow of light dispels the darkness and illuminates the invisible making it visible.
Jesus tells us we are each the light of the world. The question that I believe comes next is: when are we going to turn on the light of divinity that resides within us and take off the programming of the ego’s world?
There is that program within us, put there by the world, that makes it difficult to accept who and what we are; You and I are children of God, the light of the world, expressions of divinity, One with God. Accepting our divinity can be a huge difficulty in the normal course of life. Even saying that I am an expression of divinity in some circles can bring a blast of charges accusing me of blasphemy. However, the truth is, you and I are perfect expressions of divinity that allow our light to radiate the subtle energies of love compassion, peace and harmony. We do that when we enter the Kingdom of God within us in silence and just allow the Christ to take over. No noise, no struggle, no fanfare, just the quiet, comforting of peace that comes from knowing that “I and the Father are one.”
I encourage you to turn on the light of divinity within you and accept who and what you are. I encourage you to make a commitment to your spiritual path and seek the answers that are already available within you. I encourage you to seek out the information you need to live an inspired, happy and productive life. I encourage you to realize that all meaningful information for a happy life comes from the inside and is waiting there for you. You can learn to access it.
You are the light of the world. Let's turn it on and radiate the energy of divinity into the world.
Love, Rev. Robert Test.