You Are the Light of the World; our world is awakening.

In Matt. 5:14 Jesus tells us that “you are the light of the world.” He tells us in another place that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. In the next chapter he tells us not to worry or be anxious, everything we need will be provided when we seek the Presence of God within. Basically, we are being told that God is in charge and all is well. Looking at the world we are currently experiencing, it is difficult to align with this promise.
This is the conversation that is difficult to accept when we enter the spiritual path. You/we/me/they are the light of the world. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you/us/me them. You/we/me/they are the creators of our own world and we live in a world of our own creation. God is not out there somewhere waiting for us to beg/plead/request certain favors and miracles. God is within us as a universal energy, creating exactly what we are thinking and declaring unconsciously as we go about our lives. The key word here is “unconsciously."
This is the wonderful secret that Jesus was trying to get across when he told Nicodemus in John 3:3, that you must be born again. You must realize who you are and leave behind the old beliefs in the myths that surround us about our physical existence and take on the spiritual path that returns us to the Father and the Garden of Eden existence. This is the waking up to the awareness of our true nature as a Child of God. This is being born again, becoming aware, opening to the true self that you are and entering the Kingdom.
We are beginning the celebration of Christmas. The birth of the master teacher, the Christ that came to save the world. This is also a time to celebrate that same Presence that is within you/me/we/they, the Christ that we are. Time to look at who we really are and leave behind the myths, traditions, stories, rituals and religious dogma that surrounds this time of celebration in the world and embrace the birth of the Christ in each of us. (That means all of us, even them.)
Jesus told us in John 14:12, that if we believe in Him (the Christ within us) the works that He does we shall also do. A wonderful promise that takes us right back to our opening phrase, you are the light of the world, you/me/we/they just need to awaken to who we truly are and the promises made become part of who we are. We just need to awaken to our spiritual self and welcome the Father/Mother within. This is the new birth promised so long ago.
Merry Christmas!
Love, Rev. Robert