You Meant It For Evil, But God Meant It For Good

This is a quote lifted from the famous story of Joseph and his coat of many colors found in Genesis 50:20. Joseph was talking to his ten brothers who had sold him off to a band of merchants, on their way to Egypt, for twenty pieces of silver. The whole story of Joseph begins in Genesis chapter 37 and winds its way through the following chapters until it ends in chapter 50 of Genesis and the quote used in the above title of this article appears.
We will cover this story in a little more detail in our Sunday message, however, a thumb nail sketch of this story is a simple truth. What seems to be a horrendous situation with dire and scary outcomes sometimes works out in the most wonderous ways. What we see as failure could really be the Universe closing down a plan that might not be in the highest and best interest of all concerned and setting up a path of new outcomes that far exceed the original goals.
In the Genesis story of Joseph, his jealous brothers sold him off into slavery in Egypt and told his father that he was killed by a wild animal. Through a series of miraculous circumstances, (yes, miracles) Joseph wound up as the second in command under pharaoh of Egypt years later and was able to save his father, brothers and all their extended families from perishing during a famine. The famous quote used above was the end of story shared with us from the ancient spiritual writings to help us get the message that God works in miraculous ways. If Joseph hadn’t been sold into slavery, he would not have been able to save his family, which was the beginning of the nation of Israel.
Forgiveness, patience, faith, love, and flexibility are the characteristics that are shared with us from this story of Joseph. The abilities he showed, that kept him going in the adverse circumstances he faced and then adapt as things changed around him is a story that inspires us to action as we enter the new environments we are currently presented with.
Yes, some things are difficult, yes, things keep changing, yes, we are faced with new challenges. Just maybe we are on our way to creating a new state of being. Maybe we are being prepared for a new way of living in the world. Maybe, just like Joseph, it appears the world is against us and just maybe, we are being prepared for the good that is coming. And we are ready. A famous author once said that God is always for growth and expansion. For things to grow, they have to change. It is pretty clear to a lot of us that our world is changing. Are we adapting as change occurs and welcoming the new?
We know that “God is, we are, and all is well.” And so it is. We are complete and whole just as we are, sustained, loved and supported in the loving arms of Spirit, right, now, today!
Thank you for being part of our spiritual community as we explore the new world that is opening around us. Get Ready!
I Love You, Rev. Robert