You Reap What You Sow

We look forward to our ministerial candidate, Velma Spence, as our guest speaker this Sunday. This is Velma’s title for her message. “You Reap What You Sow.” What a wonderful idea to investigate during this week of Thanksgiving celebration:  
As we give thanks for the wonderful things that we appreciate, we actually attract more events and people into our world to be thankful for.
We know Velma will be sharing these ideas with us from her rich and varied consciousness. She is just full of love and passion that bubbles over in her presentation.
Join with us this Sunday as Velma shares the joys that occur from sowing seeds of appreciation and gratitude.
P.S.  Some thoughts from our 2020 Thanksgiving Newsletter:
We live a life of love and gratitude. We give thanks, feeling grateful throughout the day, which keeps us focused on the presence of God within and through all things.
Today we feel grateful for everyone and everything that has blessed our journey in life, and we let them know how grateful we are for their presence.
We continue to practice the presence of God within us helping to rise above any challenges we may face and giving us a feeling of divine order in all our lives and affairs.
Peace now reigns in our world!!!
We love you and look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Rev. Robert Test