Beware of the Sadducees and Pharisees

Jesus warned His apostles to be careful of listening to the Sadducees and Pharisees and letting them influence their thinking in Matthew 16:6. These folks were the religious leaders and interpreters of Jewish law of that time. What Jesus was saying was, they know a lot of stuff about the rules and how they apply in the physical world, but they do not know the spiritual laws that Jesus was teaching. He was saying to His followers to beware of the falsehoods that these leaders shared and follow the spiritual principles that they had been learning.

People mean well when they counsel us about the rules to live by in the illusion of the physical world. Unfortunately, they do not understand that we are on a spiritual path and that path requires us to live by spiritual laws. We are divinity waiting to understand and embrace that path. We are told by scripture that “Ye are Gods,” in the Psalms and John 10. Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world in Matthew 5 and Jesus reinforces this divinity idea in John 14 when He says that we will do what He has done when we believe in Him which is an instruction telling us to follow His teachings and we will enter the Kingdom of God.

It's amazing that we are told all these wonderful things and then listen to and act out the negative words of the religious, political, social and cultural leaders of our time.

We are gods in waiting according to scripture. We are learning to claim and relearn what it means to be a Christ Self and return to the Father’s House of peace, joy, happiness, love and harmony. This is the time to wake up and realize our superhuman possibilities. Maybe just a little bit of the light we really are shining through the fog of the programming we have accumulated that has obscured the vision of our True Self.

That is when we see the new world of love, harmony, wholeness and joy as a possibility for the world as it was created to be. A world of infinite possible outcomes that we experience as we open up to the future.

This Palm Sunday let us get ready to understand who we really are and get ready to leave behind the false beliefs that we have accumulated and leave them behind in the resurrection of the True Self that we are meant to be.
I Love you...

Rev. Robert