Our Board of Trustees

Tommy Messinger, President
Tommy and his wife MJ were married in 1993 in Arlington, TX. They had joined the Unity Church on Bowen Road where Rev. Jill Carey was the assistant minister. They moved to Austin in 1994 and started their own HVAC company in 1998. They have four grown children, fifteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Tommy has served as a member of our maintenance team, co-sponsored 24-hour Prayer Day Vigil, participated in leadership forums and has taught Keys To The Kingdom.
We asked Tommy about his vision for 2021 and this is what he had to share with us:
"I look forward to the upcoming year and all the many things we can accomplish working together, sharing our gifts, talents, and the best of ourselves. I am, you are, we are the light of the world. Let our light shine bright for all the world to see. Thank you for your blessings and support."

Bruce Millar, Vice President
Bruce Millar joined a Unity community in 1993 after moving to Beaumont, Texas from Canada. Bruce has successfully utilized his experience in multiple management and operation skills in the corporate environment.  He led and provided services to companies both in the USA and Canada. Bruce has utilized his strong analytical and developmental skills while serving on several for-profit and non-profit Boards of Directions. He has been President of a non-profit organization and Vice-President of a Canadian development company. Bruce is currently Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Unity Spiritual Center Pflugerville. Bruce is a lifelong learner with extensive experience in developing the people and organizations with which he has had the privilege of serving. He is also our music director and sings for us every Sunday morning during our service.

Richard Klugman, Treasurer

Richard is a native Texan who was born in 1950 in East Texas and grew up in West Texas. Since his Dad was in the Air Force he travelled and lived all over the world. Richard graduated college in 1972 with a BA in Anthropology. After school, he worked as a small businessman until he moved to Austin in 1974 where he started a stained glass studio. In 1980, he enrolled in the University of Texas Computer Science program. He did his post-graduate work in Computer Science and left UT in 1983. He graduated the software profession as a Senior Software Systems Architect with a specialization in aerospace applications. He has extensive experience in all aspects of software development for large and small systems of software and continued working in the software profession until his retirement in 2015. Currently he's operating a small blockchain consulting company and lives with the love of his life, Cheryl Burke.

Randy Koehler, Trustee

A poet, song writer, healing practitioner and a dreamer.  Also…A life long builder and carpenter by trade.  Working with architects and designers from many different counties and many different states.  Building structures from single family homes to downtown highrises. Currently helping to plan, design, manage and build the Unity Center of Pflugerville, our new church.

Cynthia Smith, Trustee
Cynthia moved here to Texas from Denver, in 2016, however, she is originally from the Detroit, MI area. She left the Detroit area after high school to join the Army for six years in the Supply area and left the service from Fort Bragg as a Supply Sergeant. She raised two children in the Denver area, Travis, and Christopher. Travis and his wife Gaby live in the San Antonio area now. Christopher and my granddaughter, Jade live here close by in Pflugerville. She loves to sing and run and is a fitness enthusiast. Travelling, being outdoors, either hiking or on the water, are also favorite activities of hers, all of which she intends to resume as soon as it’s safe to do so. Cynthia was active in the Unity Community for over ten years beginning in the ‘Mile Hi Church’ in Lakewood CO. She spent time singing in the choir and was an active participant in church activities. She was involved in metaphysics and also became a Reiki Master Teacher. She is a Senior Project Manager, transitioning to project management after 10 years as a database analyst/programmer. She loves what she does and even on her most challenging days, would be nowhere else. Currently she works for Snow Software here in Austin and has been with the company 4 of her last 10 years in the project management field. Cynthia looks forward to being a real asset to our Board of Trustees with her years of experience in many different fields.