Our Prayer Chaplains

At Unity Pflugerville, we are truly blessed with the constant support of our Prayer Chaplains. They are available every Sunday to pray with you and hold the sacred space.

Our Prayer Chaplains are volunteers who receive extensive training in affirmative prayer and holding a sacred space. All prayers are kept in strict confidence. This is the essence of what it means to be a prayer chaplain.

Through their training, prayer chaplains:

  • Deepen their own spirituality and connection with God
  • Hold sacred space and listen from the heart
  • Experience personal and spiritual transformation
  • Learn how to stand in prayerful support of our spiritual family
  • Maintain a daily prayer practice that includes holding sacred space for the prayers submitted by congregants

Prayer is a foundational aspect of our faith tradition and was demonstrated by our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore in how she healed her body and spirit.

Prayer Chaplains are available every Sunday after the service. If you would like to request support from a Prayer Chaplain during the week, please SEND AN EMAIL. All prayer requests are confidential.

Currently our prayer chaplains are:

Larry Henson - Grew up in Freeport, Texas. Moved to Austin to complete college and work at IBM as a Software Engineer. Moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where we discovered a small Unity church that had a good feeling. We helped the church grow from 25 to over 300 attendees, as a musician, prayer chaplain and movie night leader. Developed a flower essence healing practice. Moved back to Austin where we take care of our mothers.

Teri Lucas - I grew up in San Antonio where, in 1970, Catherine Ponder established the Unity Church of San Antonio. My parents, my younger brother, and I attended one of the first services. On leaving, my mother asked me what I thought. I said, “It’s the first time I have ever left church feeling really good about myself!”

I’ve been in Unity ever since, and wherever we lived, Marty was in the Air Force, I’d always try to find a Unity Church. I’ve served congregations in San Antonio and Arlington as a Sunday School teacher and a Sunday School director. If you want to learn Unity principles, teach Sunday School! I was so excited to find our congregation when we arrived in Pflugerville in 1988! The first Sunday I came to this church, I felt like I’d found family. I became involved almost immediately. I have served on the board, mowed the grass, been platform assistant, and basically helped out however I could. But Unity is so much more than volunteering with friends and family!
Unity has been and will always be my strength through life’s most difficult times. The principles upon which Unity is based, helped me survive and thrive through some very dark days. I know that I am here because of God’s healing, loving, light. I’ve used the principles when I taught middle school, as a wife, as a parent, and as a friend. I am so blessed to have Unity to guide me.

Val Cary - I grew up in Austin, TX in the ‘60s when it was still a relatively small college town. Happily discovered Unity when living in Denver in the mid-‘90s after exploring several different faith communities over time, I moved back to Austin in 1997. After landing back in Austin, I attended several Unity churches, discovering our Unity Center of Positive Prayer congregation around 2008 and knowing immediately it was my new spiritual family. Having served on the board, leadership group, and various committees over time, I am currently a prayer chaplain and LUT candidate.