Connecting With the Kingdom Within

This title is the famous quote from Luke 17:21 that Jesus shared when He was asked by the Pharisees to locate the Kingdom of God.  The Phrase, "Kingdom of God" is used many times in the ministry of Jesus as well as the "Kingdom of Heaven" which scholars have decided is really referring to the same thing.  That place where we can learn to have a direct link with the Source of all good that Jesus called "The Father."

Jesus is quoted in Luke 12:31 & 32, not to worry, seek the kingdom of God (within you) and everything will be taken care of, and it is the Father's (Divinity's) good pleasure to give you the kingdom of everything you need.

What a promise.  So, the question becomes, how do we make that connection and experience that kingdom we are looking for?

It appears that the first place to look is within ourselves for direction.  Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still and know that I am God.  Matt. 5:14 tells us that we are the light of the world.  And Jesus tells us that we shall do what He has done and even greater when we realize who we are.

Finally, in several places in the new Testament, Jesus is said to "go up into the mountain place or wilderness place to pray" for long periods of time.  This is a metaphor or metaphysical meaning for going up into the brain area and meditating until He made a connection in consciousness with the Father or the Source or the I Am or the Christ Self that is within. 

There is a renewed interest in the Pineal Gland that is right in the middle of the brain mass and regulates the chemicals distributed to the different parts of the body.  The ancient meditation process called 'Krya Yoga' has long been teaching a technique that takes energy up the chakra centers in the spine to the midbrain chakra which is the location of the Pineal Gland.

Is this gland the locations of the soul?  Is this gland the antenna for our dialogue transmissions with the I Am or Christ Self?  Is this the elusive connection we are looking for in our spiritual path back to the Father's house?

We will be looking into the history and current scientific findings.  Come join with us as we continue our journey on all fronts to our spiritual awareness.
I Love you...

Rev. Robert