The Father Within Does the Work

In the 14th Chapter of John, Jesus is telling His disciples that the time is coming that He will have to leave, and they will have to carry on His work.  They respond with fear, doubt and questions regarding how they will carry on the work without Him.  Jesus responds by telling them that the Father within Him (the Christ Mind) does all the work.  It is not the form or personality that does the work, it is the energy Self or Spirit of Truth that does the work.  Jesus is telling us that those that follow His teachings will also manifest this Higher Self and be able to do all the miracle works that Jesus had done.

This journey from the world of form and personality to the world of energy, love and frequency is the spiritual path that we are seeking today.  The world of form and personality is the world we grow up in and become accustomed to.  It is the world of rules, regulations, should, should not, everyone is doing it, struggle and suffering.  This is where we find ourselves today.  This is the conditioned state of being that is running our world as we know it.

Like the disciples of Jesus, we don't know how to change.  We don't know how to do things that Jesus did.  We don't know how to reclaim our birthright as a Child of God.

Jesus clearly told us that the Father within does the work.  We don't know how to overcome the years of programming that have produced our outlook on life and the personality that has emerged from that programming.  That personality is so locked into our way of life that it resists any changes that threaten it.  Even changes that would benefit our lives could be scary to the ego self that has taken over.

The Father, that Christ presence within, the Source of all, that Buddha Mind, They do the work. Our job is to let go and learn to listen to that quiet voice of love and divinity that is always within us.  Stop figuring out, overthinking and knowing all things.  This is the time to let go and let God.
I Love you...

Rev. Robert