The Twelve Powers of Man

Rev. Robert & Maddi are on vacation this Sunday and Valerie Cary our guest speaker.  Valerie is a past Board of Trustees President, a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) candidate, a prayer chaplain, an executive administrator for a major corporation, and a passionate Truth student.

From Valerie:
Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore wrote in his book The Twelve Powers of Man that "The subconscious realm in man has twelve great centers of action with twelve presiding egos or identities."  In his book, Charles teaches how these faculties can be activated, quickened, and strengthened to help us to live our best lives.

Ed Rabel, co-author of Metaphysics I and Metaphysics II, shared in his teachings of the Twelve Powers that they are "...the twelve fundamental aspects of our divine nature, the twelve components of God's 'image and likeness' in humankind.  They compromise the pattern for perfection within us.  At our present level of spiritual evolution, these powers are incomplete in their development and expression.  As we come to our fuller realization of our true nature we become more able to fully demonstrate our divine potential."

On Sunday, I'll be sharing with you a short overview of the Twelve Powers.  We will discuss how you can lean into, activate, quicken, and strengthen Faith in your life.  How to use your power of Faith with Strength, Imagination and Order to realize your power, and demonstrate your divine potential.

Looking forward to see you on Sunday!
With Love,