We are the Creators that Hold the seed to the Future

Mary, mother of Jesus gave birth to her first-born son in Bethlehem, the city of David where she and her husband, Joseph were required to pay taxes and register because they were of the house or family of David. This was an annual event that was part of the traditions of that time.

Mary was “with child” and made the arduous trip knowing that there would be difficulties and challenges each step of the way. However, she had been visited by an angel and told that her child was Holy, and she would be blessed in delivering this Holy child and kept moving forward.

After Jesus was born and placed in a manger as his first resting place and the shepherds and wise men made their visit to the Holy Child, and all the turmoil of the trip and subsequent birth subsided, Mary is said to have “treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

What a wonderful story of Divine inspiration seeding an idea and a mother believing that idea and trusting in that divine idea with enough faith to believe in the possibility of a virgin birth and the trust that through all the challenges it would come to a perfect outcome.

It is helpful to know that the metaphysical interpretation of “angel” is, The projection into consciousness of a spiritual idea from God. Mary prepared herself as a channel of Spirit, and then persisted through all the difficulties that laid ahead to bring into fruition her part of the Divine miracle of the birth of Jesus. We look at the miracle of the birth of Jesus and are thankful for that blessed event. We also need to look at the surrender of Mary as a human being, living a human life becoming the willing channel for that event to occur.

She was given an idea, she pondered that idea “in her heart” and kept the faith that allowed her to become that channel of love, devotion, and miracles.

We live in a material human world. To make changes in this world we need humans to make those changes. God sends ideas to humans to act out the good that we already are and waits for us to bring those ideas into material form. How many times do we give up on those ideas before they even get off the ground.

It is perfectly fitting that on the celebration for Mother’s day we remember the surrender, devotion, faith and trust that the mother of Jesus modeled in this wonderful example of bringing God’s will into the material world around us.
I Love you...

Rev. Robert