We looked at another possible church home.

Our board and relocation committee looked at another promising location for our new church home in Hutto this week and decided that it was not enough for the future of our spiritual community. It was interesting for me to watch the opinion of committee members as we discussed the needs of our church community for our new church home.

It was clear to me that we want a location that feels good and has a comfortable energy about it. We want a location that can accommodate a good size family congregation with room for youth programs, church offices, a labyrinth, and recreational things without getting too big that we lose the wonderful small and loving community that we are. We also want to stay within the geographical boundaries of Pflugerville, Round Rock and Hutto if possible.

There is also the necessity of creating a church home that would be attractive to recruiting a new minister to replace Madelyn and I when we move on to retirement in Glendale, AZ.

What was interesting to me was to watch our committee members come to a realization of who we are as a spiritual community and start defining the needs for our wonderful community to continue its role as a shining beacon of God’s love and peace. For me it was a true testament to the idea that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” each of us and in us as a group on the spiritual path as we return to the Father’s House.

As we seek our new church home, I am reminded that “Our Father is pleased to give us the Kingdom,” as it says in Luke 12:32. Which means that within our group lies the resources for the creation of our perfect church home. Our community is the creator of all our needs. We are the Christ Self bringing about the new heaven and earth.
I Love you...

Rev. Robert