Is Change Here to Help You?

We are living in a world of change. All around us we see the effects of change. The cars we drive, the houses we live in, the foods we purchase, the roads we drive on, the schools we attend and our children attend, the places we work from, the identities we assume, and even the way we live is changing. It is even apparent to us that this rate of change that we are experiencing will get even faster in the future.

We also see changes in the way we interact with each other both personally, domestically, nationally and internationally. We seem to be a culture of victims fighting each other for our slice of the pie of life that we believe is ours and ready to go to battle because others don’t see life the way we do and then we pray for world peace asking that all the others do things our way.

Things are changing because we are changing. Last week we were looking at the idea that we are co-creators with God and that we were actually living in a creation of our own creation. There is another part to this idea when you add the idea of, we are One in Spirit and energy. We are creating our own individual creation and at the same time, participating in the energy created by the combination of all the energies from the human domain or the oversoul.

To explain this in simple words, we carve out our own little niche of the world through our thoughts words and actions and then learn to live in the composite of all the energies put out by the other inhabitants of the earth that have their own thoughts words and actions. We are living in a world of chaos because we all experience things in different ways and see, hear, and understand outcomes in different ways.
It is clear that there must be a way to resolve this road block to world peace that we are talking about. We are looking through eyes that see faults, opinions and anger. We are speaking through mouths that say, my way or the highway. We are hearing through ears that hear, criticism, condemnation and complaining. These are all aspects of the ego mind that does not have the answer to creating a peaceful, harmonious life.

Jesus, the Christ, points out this conundrum in Mt13:15 when asked by his disciples why he spoke in parables: “For the heart of this people has become hardened, and they hear with difficulty, and their eyes are dull; so that they cannot see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts; let them return and I will heal their hearts.”

Jesus is telling us that we cannot solve problems and bring peace and harmony into our world with the ideas from the ego’s material world. Problems dissolve when the spiritual principles of love (renewing of the heart) are applied and we see, hear, and understand with spiritual sight, hearing and understanding. This a new way of life that takes some prayer, study, self-analysis and love. This is stripping away the old way of being in the world and embracing the spiritual walk that brings the peace and harmony we are looking for. You are this new person. You are the peace and harmony of the world. You are the light of the world. You are the love that you seek. You are the expression of Christ just as you are. 

We love you.

Rev. Robert