A Christmas Celebration Embracing the 12 Powers of Man

This Sunday we are celebrating the Christmas experience by including the 12 powers candle lighting ritual with our prayer chaplains in the regular Sunday service. The celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ into the world of form over 2000 years ago is the reason for this glorious season of goodwill, love and family gatherings.
We at Unity Pflugerville also celebrate the birth of our own Christ Light within as the eventual free expression of Spirit within our lives, and the freedom of spiritual understanding and lifestyle that it brings. This is a journey that begins with accepting the fact that we are a spiritual being living in a material body, and then using the tools and advice shared with us by Jesus the Christ on our path back to the Father’s Kingdom. In the story of the prodigal son, in Luke 15, the son who left “came to himself” and is welcomed back into the father’s house and his good graces.
This a metaphor for us at this wonderful season of love, forgiveness, family get togethers and general good cheer. We are spiritual beings on a spiritual path. We are like small children trying to return home to a state of harmony, safety, security, wealth and health. In the deep dark corners of our awareness, we know it is there, we just have to find the path to home.
As we travel this path, we begin to develop the memories and inner knowing of the Kingdom of Heaven within us. Part of the inner knowing that begins to return to us includes the 12 powers of man that indeed help us in this journey back to the Father’s House.
As our wonderful prayer chaplains share these 12 powers with us this Sunday, let’s remember to accept who we are, commit to traveling the path, and using the wonderful tools shared with us by our master teacher, Jesus the Christ, to accomplish our return to the Father’s House in this lifetime.
Merry Christmas and a Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year.
Love, Rev. Robert Test