A Dialogue on Faith: What is Faith?

This week we are talking about Faith. What is it, what does it feel like and what are the outcomes of operating from faith? This dialogue will take place with Valerie Cary, our Prayer Chaplain facilitator and LUT candidate, Rev. Test and anyone in the community that wishes to ask questions or add a comment. All we ask is that comments and questions come from the heart and forward the dialogue toward understanding of our spiritual path. Valerie will open with comments and background information and then we will move into the interactive phase of the conversation.

The physical location of Faith in the body is in the Pineal Gland located in the brain where the halves of the brain join. The disciple is the apostle Paul, and the color associated with Faith is deep blue.

Join with us as we take the time during our summer doldrums to explore the powers of humanity and other Unity Principles that are part of our path as we return to the Father’s house within.

I love you,

Rev. Robert