A Dialogue on Power: What is Power?

This week our conversation explores the different approaches to our experience of Power. What is Power? How do we attain it and use it? What are the various definitions of power? What are the outcomes of our power? Larry Henson, our prayer chaplain, Secretary of the board of trustees and scientific guru of all things mystical will be leading our dialogue this Sunday. Rev.Test will participate with Larry and anyone in the community that wishes to join in is welcome. As outlined last week, all we ask is that comments and questions come from the heart.

Unity’s twelve powers out line tells us that the location of the power center in the body is in the throat, its color is purple, and the disciple is Philip. Characteristics of power are self-mastery, concentration, and creation of our own life experience.

Join with us as we continue into the twelve innate powers of our human self as we open up to the divinity that we are in Christ Consciousness.

I love you,

Rev. Robert