A Dialogue on Release or Elimination

As we continue our conversation about the Twelve Spiritual Powers of Humanity, we realize that these powers work together as we re-establish the awareness of our True Self or Christ Consciousness.

Our next power, Release or Elimination, which we will be discussing with Teri Lucas, our wonderful prayer chaplain and treasurer of our board, allows us to let go of old thoughts and conditions so that new constructive thoughts and conditions can show up in our consciousness.

Basically, this is cleaning up and letting go of the old contractive thoughts that are running our lives and creating new expansive thoughts that add to our new healthy Self.

This power of Release is represented by the Apostle Thaddeus, its color is russet (light brown) and its location is in the lower abdominal area.

Please join in the dialogue with Teri and me at our Sunday Service.  We honor your presence in our journey to awakening to our Christ Consciousness.

I love you,

Rev. Robert