Life is Relationship

I found a quote by Rev. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center that points in a direction that begins to give us an idea on why we are here. Rev. Beckwith says: “You didn’t come in as a bystander, you came in as a participant.” A simple phrase that for me means we are here to do something. We are here to work with the resources that we find and create something or fix something or help someone. We have been given this adventure on planet earth to work with what we find around us. We are here to be in relationship with other entities and participate in enhancing the Universe we find.

To be in relationship we must learn to communicate effectively, honestly and with clarity with each other. We have been told that we are each, the light of the world. We are children of God and here for a reason. Unfortunately we spend more time in criticism and conflict than we spend in learning the skills of relationship that would help us live like we really want to.

This week we will be starting on the road to the idea of simple dialogue that begins the process of relationship. Softening our heart instead of getting ready for battle. Listening with integrity. Asking simple questions that keep a dialogue going until it can end with understanding. Making it ok to be ok.

We are here to work together and solve problems, live in peace and harmony, and foster the common good. That requires relationship and love.

Let’s just enjoy each other in conversation and fellowship as we enjoy food and fun in a mutually supportive environment of our making. Let’s just enjoy getting to know each other as our agenda this Sunday. We are an amazing group of folks.

I Love you...

Rev. Robert