We Are Complete and Whole Just As We Are

This affirmation is a statement of Truth about who you really are as a spiritual being. Our Bible tells us that you are the light of the world (Mt. 5:14), the Temple of God (1 Cor. 3:16), ye are Gods (Jn. 10: 34) and even quotes Jesus in John 14:12 saying that those who believe in him, will be able to do what he did. Pretty heady ideas that seem to be lost in the philosophies, beliefs and religions of the world.

The spiritual truth about you is that you are a divine spirit created in the image and likeness of God as described in Genesis 1:26. As that divine soul or spirit, you are still complete and whole deep within you. You know that you exist and you have a presence that knows you are here to do something.

The second truth about you is that there was a physical body that was formed out of the dust of the earth by God who breathed life into that body and created the place for your soul or spirit to live in and move around in what we call the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:7)

And that’s where we are today. We are divine beings, living in a body that has taken over control of our lives and is directing us through the programming of the physical world that has come down to us through eons of time and generations, making up the stories that we play out of struggle and suffering in our lives and affairs.

Here is the real Truth about you: You are complete and whole just as you are, right now today. You are the Light of the world, your body is the Temple of God and Jesus wants us to know that you have the power to take back your life and live as he did.

There is a part of you that is Holy and Divine. That part has been co-opted by the lower self of the body’s energy and is running the lives and affairs of each of us in physical form. There is a spiritual path back to the Garden of Eden life style that begins with the realization that we are completely spiritual and completely physical in our current state of being. It is up to us which path we choose to follow.

We get to follow the energies of spirit or the True Self or the energies of the ego self. Join with us as we honor your journey back to the Spiritual Self you are. In the meantime we see you as complete and whole, healthy and prosperous, living life with joy and harmony, and love and peace. We love you and honor that True Self that you are.

I Love you...

Rev. Robert