What is Love?

Thousands of words have been written about Love. There are many applications and ideas about what love is and how it applies in our world. Jesus used the idea of love as his major commandment and solution for overcoming the turmoil of our life struggles. The question becomes: Just what is Love and how do I get into that state of being?

We are told that there are only two states of being in our world, Love or Fear. Ok, what are they and how do I know when I am in love or in fear?  Heady questions that could have many answers.

This week in our Sunday service, Rev. Robert and Rev. Maddi (together) are going to create a dialogue looking at this idea of Love and what it is and what it is not. This is a departure from our regular service format. A dialogue, by definition, is a discussion that looks for possible solutions to a problem. This also includes all parties that are present to the conversation so feel free to ask questions and state opinions during our service this Sunday.

We use words like love, faith, strength, power, and wisdom, just to name a few and treat them so casually. Let’s dig into them and reveal the wonderful spiritual gifts that come to us as we travel this spiritual path back to the Father’s house. Let’s begin by truly understanding the only real commandment that Jesus gave us, to love everything in our lives, including ourselves. This could be our true path to independence and freedom.

Join with us Sunday as we all explore this together and form our own opinions as to What is Love?

I love you,

Rev. Robert